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Paula Duta Artwork

when you see a piece of art that looks so neat, polished and close to perfect, you also can't imagine how it is made? Rich suddenly in the world, you almost don't believe if this artwork is made by hand. - In fact, sometimes if you move in a field that is close to artistic skills, some artwork will make you discouraged.

But Urbaners, especially especially those who are close to this field, don't need to worry. Everything starts from zero, everything must start from a long process, and the details, well detailed, sometimes it can't be denied that this process makes Urbaners feel frustrated. Okay urbaners, to show that a work of art is a process, a Romanian artist named Paula Duta, who is good enough to let us and the world see the process of working an artwork, in videos and photos, as you see there must be a process of fatigue and eating a lot of time.